Las Vegas AC Cleaning & Service



Part Reason Benefit
Thermostat Proper Calibration ensures proper temperature & operating cycle Saves you on operating costs and assures your comfort level.
System Start Proper start-up of your system ensures operation on demand Smooth operation, reduced wear and longer equipment life. Poor starting capabilities are an energy drainer.
Refrigerant Improper refrigerant charge will damage your compressor, which is the heart of your system.  Systems improperly charged will cause increased energy bills by reducing the efficiency of your system Longer equipment life and lower utility bills.
Condenser Coil A dirty condenser coil will reduce your system’s ability to remove & reject heat from your home.  This will cause your system to run longer and increase your electric bills. Proper heat rejection, reduced run time and lower energy bills.
Evaporator Coil Dirt & dust that escapes through your air conditioning filter will cling
to the cold damp coil. This will restrict the air flow through the coil, cheating your system of performance capacity
Proper air flow delivered to all areas of your home, increased comfort levels, better dehumidification, and a cleaner healthier indoor environment.
Condensate Drain As your system removes heat from your home, humidity is extracted from the air. The condensation created by warmer air passing over a cold coil must be drained from your system. This is done via a condensate drain line. The drain must be checked out and cleared of algae build-up or foreign particles clogging the drain, which could cause water damage to the ceiling or floors of your home. Prevention of overflow problems and water damage.  Proper draining will also aid in maintaining indoor humidity levels.
Fan Motor Dirty fan motors can affect the air flow to your home, limit your system’s capacity and comfort capabilities, as well as spread dust particulates, which irritate sinus cavities and allergy sufferers. Even air flow at maximum system capabilities, improved comfort levels and proper cooling.
System Lubrication Moving parts in need of lubrication can cause increased electrical consumption due to additional power required to overcome the resistance in motors and drive shafts. Proper motor and shaft operation, extended part life and quieter bearings.
Electrical Components Too much or too little voltage or amperage can cause increased compressor failure, as well as reducing the reliability of the blower and fan motor. Peak performance, longer equipment life and consistent operating levels
Temperature Difference Improper temperature difference affects your comfort level, cycling time of your system, humidity removal and increases electrical consumption. Consistent comfort levels, reduced operating expense and maximum system operation.
Filters Dirty and clogged filters can cause problems with your system such as increased energy consumption, lower comfort levels, compressor damage, reduced air flow and reduced humidity removal. Cleaner, healthier system operation, lower utility bills, better dehumidification, improved air flow and increased cooling performance.
Air Flow Improper air flow will cause “Hot Spots” in your home, which is uneven cooling or heating from room to room. Balanced air distribution, improved capacity and efficiency.
Cabinet Case Harsh contaminates outside your home eat away at the outside system causing corrosion and reduced equipment life. Proper care and maintenance will ensure long lasting equipment life and appearance of your system.  Application of an all-weather coating protects your outside component.